Malabar Spinach


Sold By: Green's Garden


The leaves of Malabar spinach are dark green, heart-shaped, and have a slightly glossy appearance. When most spinach varieties are turning bitter in the hot summer months, Malabar spinach is thriving. The leaves are thicker than spinach and have a mild taste of citrus and pepper. Younger leaves are tender in texture and flavor.   This spinach look-a-like can be substituted for the leafy green in many dishes and in salads. Cooked Malabar spinach doesn’t wilt as fast as common spinach and it tends to develop more of a spinach taste when cooked. This tropical leafy vegetable acts as a thickening agent in soups due to its mucilaginous (moist and sticky) qualities. It can be sautéed as a vegetable or eaten raw. Overcooked leaves can become slimy.   Organically grown.